Enjoy live Rock n' Roll music and dancing during the day and our Afterparty / Hop at night.

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Live Music

Rock N Roll Riot

Chet O'Connell and the Rock N Roll Riot

10:00am - 12:20pm

Chet O’Connell and the ‘Rock n’ Roll Riot’ is an explosive performance of 50’s and 60’s rock n roll, with a slight Country / Rock a Billy twist!

Featuring songs from Chuck Berry, Elvis, Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Holly and The Ventures to name a few, you are guaranteed to walk away wanting more.

The three lads are joined by Melissa who brings her dynamic performance style, a bit of ‘sparkle’ and the hits of Connie Francis, The Shirelles, Dusty Springfield the Crystals, and more into the mix.

Taking you back to the days when rock n roll was king this band will have you dancing in the street!

Boom Boom Deluxe

Boom! Boom! Deluxe

12:30pm - 3:00pm

"Over the last few years BOOM! BOOM! DELUXE have been taking the New Zealand Retro scene by storm, with two acclaimed albums of original 50's inspired Rock n' Roll and a non-stop touring schedule delivering high energy performances and leaving tired but happy dance-floors behind them.

Fronted by NZ Rockabilly royalty pin-up legend Hettie LaBombe and harmonica blowing partner D.D. Deluxe their modern Rockabilly delivery with hints of Jazz and Swing makes for a truly unique retro experience. The band are currently writing material for their third album, and are planning to tour Japan and Australia in 2021.

Afterparty / Hop at Regatta Bar and Eatery

Tom Sharplin & the Cadillacs

7:00pm - late

Tom Sharplin is New Zealand’s King of Rock & Roll. Over his 40 plus years in the industry Tom has worked with a host of local and international acts. 

Along with his band ‘The Cadillacs’ he has become a Rock & Roll legend and produced some of NZ’s best Rock & Roll music. Through their on-stage energy and expertise Tom and his band of first-class Musicians deliver the goods every time.  

Guaranteed satisfaction is what you will get when you utilise the experience and stage skills of ‘Tom Sharplin and the Cadillacs’ so get ready for a dynamic night of Rock & Roll.  

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Tom Sharplin